The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) was established by a Ministerial decree as an independent body to support the Furniture Sector.www.theappconcept.com


The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) is an independent entity established by a Ministerial decree from the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade to support the furniture sector that is considered one of the very fast developing industrial sectors in Egypt.

EFEC aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian furniture industry through various services and activities including - but not limited to - offering business strategy consultancy, export opportunities, matchmaking services, updates on export-related regulations and trade agreements, assistance in locating and joining international exhibitions, in addition to organizing conferences, training seminars and workshops in collaboration with different local and international experts. 

EFEC is also working on building the manufacturers' comprehension of the importance of design for the industry development and export growth.

In its path to maintain the growth of the Egyptian furniture exports, EFEC mainly works on:

    Marketing and business development activities.

Assist potential exporters to develop and have access to the right markets to export.

Training programs and design projects.

Develop the export strategy for the sector and present it to the government then monitor and evaluate the implementation.

Lobby against any regulations that may affect the interest of furniture sector and present solutions to the government to overcome.  

Locating funding opportunities and different kinds of support and subsidy programs and present them to the exporters community.

Continuous collaboration and coordination with chambers of commerce, businessmen councils and different local and int’l trade organizations with the aim of developing the exports.

EFEC has also developed a clear strategy to help members gaining competitive advantage in the international market in this context EFEC works on:

      Supplying the members with what they need whether information about the sector in Egypt           or abroad.

Advice and problem solving consultancy.

Exporting opportunities and matchmaking services.

 Assistance to join local & international exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and trainings.

Information and updates on all regulations related to exporting, trade agreements or ministerial decrees as well as  links to all other export service providers.

Work on building and developing the awareness of manufacturers with the importance of design to develop both industry and exports.

Providing projects with the aim of developing the technical and administrative staff handling production process and, international marketing activities. 



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