The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) was established by a Ministerial decree as an independent body to support the Furniture Sector.www.theappconcept.com


The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) is an independent entity established by Ministerial decree from the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade to support one of the fastest developing industrial sectors in Egypt. The established council, EFEC, would then serve as a supporting arm to producers through various capacity-building mechanisms in order to exponentially increase their productions capabilities thereby  maximizing Egypt’s ability to compete worldwide in the global market.

EFEC acts as an advisory board that proposes strategies and development plans to be implemented by the ministry to achieve the development of the industry and increase exports

In addition to the aforementioned mandate stipulated in the Ministerial Decree, aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian furniture industry through various services and activities including - but not limited to - offering business strategy consultancy, export opportunities, matchmaking services, updates on export-related regulations and trade agreements, assistance in locating and joining international exhibitions, in addition to organizing conferences, training seminars and workshops in collaboration with different local and international experts.

The multi-layered role of the EFEC includes both its responsibilities pertaining to the strategic planning of the industry as well as towards the business community operating in it.

Egyptian Furniture Export Council Strategic Role:


The Council would represent the corresponding industry & business community vis-a-vis all local and international entities.

Propose a clear strategy for the exports growth and set export goals with reasonable timeframes for the furniture sector.

Propose and lobby for necessary regulations for the sector.

Prepare studies and propose relevant plans, initiatives and programs, including a technical support arm.

Study all current challenges and propose as well as lobby for sustainable solutions.

Search for and obtain lucrative funding opportunities and technical support services for producers.

Set up and operate a promotion division to create opportunities abroad and study new markets for Egyptian exports and determine the targeted markets.

Pushing design as an important and strategic element for the industry development.



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