The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) was established by a Ministerial decree as an independent body to support the Furniture Sector.www.theappconcept.com


The Egyptian furniture industry is considered one of the most flourishing industrial sectors in Egypt that was able to increase its exports dramatically during the past decade. The furniture sector started to organize and develop its structure including factories, workshops, and labor force. Moreover the furniture sector is now giving more attention to the complementary and feeding industries to the furniture industry in order to increase the competitive of the furniture product. 

Moreover, it is still undergoing an aggressive plan to in penetrate new markets while maintaining its current international market share without losing track of the vast growing local market in terms of real estate communities under construction, satellite cities, mega projects and touristic developments








Main activities:

The Egyptian Furniture Industry has quite a broad scope in styles, size and capacities that helps accommodate the needs of the international markets from Major projects to small retailers.


  • Classic FURNITURE: This style of furniture features luxurious pieces in sophisticated designs. It requires highly skilled workers with an eye for details.                                
  • Modern furniture: This particular style of furniture is largely known for its simplicity. It is usually easy to dismantle and reassemble, making it easy to transport and ship.
  • Ethnic Furniture: This style of furniture is inspired by the heritage and culture of the corresponding community. It includes but is not limited to Arabesque, Nubian and Ottoman-inspired furniture.
  • CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE: This style of furniture achieves a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance. It combines the luxury of the classic style with the functionality of the modern style.


*Residential                        *Hospitality            *Metal furniture            *Office furniture

  *Educational furniture       *Kitchens               *Wooden flooring         *Medical furniture            

 *Government                          * Cultural                * Commercial                    *Retail                            *Public Area       

Vision and Objectives of the sector

 *Develop the furniture sector to be a main contributor in improving Egypt’s reputation  among the world's  industries which focus on quality and innovation.

 *Increase investments and attract investors to consider the Egyptian furniture industry and it is value chain.

 *Develop and improve the industry techniques to reach quality standers, and increase the added value through      development and innovation.

*Increase the export capacities and competitive advantage of Egyptian companies.





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