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Direct to Cairo, Egypt New land for Design

Mobilium- French Magazine- Mai/ June 2007 edition

The concept of Karim Rashid tempted the Egyptian manufacturers with his intention and philosophy. According to him, the design is a sensible concept. It is based on several complicated criteria: human experience and social behavior, political and economic aspects, materialistic and mental reactions, form and content, and the desire to absorb the contemporary culture. On the other hand, he mentions, "there is an industry which is based on other criteria: investment and market shares, production and expansion, development and distribution, maintenance and service, performance and quality, as well as the environmental system and the continuous development.” All these factors give a meaning to our objects and amend the things which we were used to. Besides, they give abundance to our spatial, visual and materialistic culture and to our contemporary human experience. The works, identity, the brand and the value are based on the design and production. All these things are related to beauty. He adds: "Every piece of work should be based on beauty, on condition that this is in a group of human needs. We could be able to live in a world which is completely different. A world which is full of contemporary needs and sources of inspiration for the leisure, space, spirit and the experience" Karim went further in his justification, confirming that "the design defined our culture from the start. We designed the cities, the life system and the world, thanks to this culture. Today, the design is not only seeking solutions, but it is also, and first of all, a tool for beautifying out environment. The design means improving our daily life in a sensible, beautiful, and passionate way. My strongest desire is to see people feeling nostalgic, appreciating the traditions, the ancient, and modest ceremonies. I hope that one day, they will be able to live in the present and the future at the same time, instead of digging in the past which does not push forward. If the human nature tends to go backwards to the past, for changing the world- we thus, have to modify the human nature". This designer, who is interested in the change, has to follow the track to the end, especially if he wants to apply this theory on the Egyptians who get their strength from the past.

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