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Design + Industry Design Initiatives

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Finally the call for participation of the Design + Industry is now online, below you will find the following:

  • Call for participation

  • Registration form

  • Design briefs from participating furniture manufacturers

Click to download Call for participation

Click to download Call for participation

Click to download the registration form

Click to download the registration form

Participating Furniture Companies

For any inquiries, please contact EFEC office at: +202-25285036/7 or design@efec.org.eg


Design + Industry Competition 5

Believing in young talents and reaching for new generations of designers, the Design+Industry initiative celebrates its 10th year of successful projects.

10 years of exploring, investing and trusting in young Egyptian designers to create Egypt DesignHub where creative ideas of youth are gathered, exposed and promoted for in local and international markets. The past years' efforts have paid off and the D+I competition became a long waited event for young designers.

Building on the outstanding success of the previous D+I Competitions, EFEC & CWWFI proudly announce the launch of the 5th round under the direction of Giulio Cappellini.

For this year's challenge, we embrace differences to give designers a chance to create different concepts for hospitality business (Hotels and resorts, Restaurants, Commercial buildings among other examples)  

Continuing with last year's theme "The Egyptian way to design", the products have to target hospitality business in international market with respect to the Egyptian identity in three categories:

1- The Most Creative                 2- The Most Reproducible                3- The Most Sellable

For more information please visit https://design-industry.untapcompete.com/



Design + Industry Competition 4

Throughout the last 4 years the DESIGN+INDUSTRY competition was made with different concepts with the aim to link industry with design, the outcome was showcased along with other initiatives - including but not limited to - green thinking, innovation in technology & materials, promising startup ideas, Design incubators or Ideal Home project in Egypt Design Hub at FURNEX and other exhibitions worldwide. These initiatives are the result of collaboration between EFEC and different local and international entities and organizations with the main objective and focus on creating consistent interaction between design and industry.

After the outstanding success of the previous D+I Competitions nationally at Furnex exhibition and internationally in one of the most important design shows in the world, the respected SaloneSatellite of the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile held yearly during April in Milan, EFEC proudly announces the launch of the New Design+Industry Competition with the direction of Giulio Cappellini who will be a main Jury member and is the Curator of the next session of Furnex 2017.

Furnex 2017 will be headed with the slogan “the Egyptian way to Design” – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow… for that reason, we are calling for all designers seeing potential in themselves to compete and be the next Cappellini.

To download the competition details and registration form, click here



The general objective of this project is to have three Ideal Home Concepts integrated into a special booth. The 3 concepts will be having one in Classic style another in modern and the third in contemporary style taking into consideration the importance of keeping the identity and characteristics of each product used in the set up and having harmony between the different products displayed. All products, accessories and objects used inside the installation of the 3 houses shall be from Furnex exhibitors having individual stand in another area of the exhibition.

The idea is to present to the visitors a nice selection of products and a trendy mix of concepts, ideas, colors, patterns, products and accessories all together in a complete concept that they can replicate and use in their houses they are furnishing.

The Ideal home is curated by the renowned Egyptian Design house "MHDH" under the supervision of the iconic designer "Mona Hussein" lead designer of Mona Hussein Design House.



Design Hub Egypt 2015

The Design Hub’15 is a place where young entrepreneurs, designers and innovators with forward thinking ideas of products, materials, and techniques are featured and given the opportunity to be tested in a high profile setting to get the right market feedback, and possibly the investment opportunities they are looking for.

 The Design Hub’15 is focused on the furniture industry, so if you have a new product idea, a new material, a new concept, or a new, innovative production technique you are eligible to apply for this unique opportunity. You can be a student, a professional member of an institution, or part of a start-up company; it doesn’t matter we are looking for innovative ideas to feature. 

EFEC has developed a clear strategy in order to develop the perception of manufacturers towards design. Its plan included organizing design management courses, seminars and design workshops where young designers and design students worked closely with the manufacturers to develop ideas and prototypes for new products that meet the manufacturers’ requirements. In addition, the designs that succeeded to be prototyped in high quality were exhibited in local and international exhibitions under the brand KYME which was created to group all the outcome of the design projects. 

“Kyme – Rising from Egypt”, was the outcome of the first edition of the workshop which was displayed in Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan 22nd to 27th of April 2009. The outcome of the 2nd edition of Design +Industry workshops was displayed in Moheb Hall during +20 Egypt Design event held from 3rd to 7th of June 2010.

EFEC continues supporting different projects which link the industrial capabilities with the innovation of Egyptian designs, in this respect, EFEC launched the first Design and Industry competition in 2012 and a second round was conducted in 2013 aiming to attract young Egyptian designers' innovation and linking it with the industry.

These projects were followed by different training programs under the umbrella of "Design+ Industry" to strongly present a unique Egyptian identity that is required for the Egyptian product. For the call for participation and application form, click here.

Design + Industry competition 2

EFEC has continued its success in linking between all industrial and design capabilities, a second round of the Design + Industry competition was launched in 2013 with the aim  to attract the creativity that the young Egyptian designers have. This competition was targeting those who are under the age of 35 to show their creativity in furniture, lighting and textiles. The purpose of such initiative was to compete on having the opportunity to manufacture their designs through Egyptian manufacturing companies then showcasing these products in international exhibitions.

Design + Industry competition 1

Building on EFEC previous successes in linking between all industrial and design capabilities that are extended from the Egyptian civilization and under the umbrella of 20+ event which had a positive return in  placing Egypt in the design and industry map in 2010 as it attracted international specialists that are involved in the world of design and industry, the Design+Industry competition was launched in 2012 where more than 30 young designers participated to design industrial models that came out of their outstanding minds.

To further encourage the talented young designers, EFEC has set a jury comprising of academic professors, industrial professionals and experienced designers to select the best prototypes and to be manufactured by Egyptian manufacturing companies and showcasing these prototypes at Furnex from 1 to 4 November, 2012 at Egypt Design Hub, then selecting the best five prototypes and showcasing them at Salone Satellite which is part of the international exhibition of Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy from 4 to 9 April, 2013. Salone Satellite is one the most important international events that gathers young designers around the globe as its considered one the places that catch the eyes of the biggest international companies specializing in furniture and interior design. The Egyptian designs gladly won, ranking Egypt in the second position in the international design competition.

Moreover, the winners of the developed prototypes exhibited in the SaloneSatellite 2013 showcasing their products in a collective booth under the name of Egypt Design Hub.

 The young Egyptian talents caught the world's eyes when one of the participating groups “Re studio” won the second place in the SaloneSatellite award outperforming hundreds of young talents from all over the world.

Training and Courses:

Training  programs in cooperation with the German - Arab Chamber of Commerce (AHK):

EFEC in cooperation with the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce provide a variety of training programs in different fields such as (but not limited to) Design Planning Concept, Process Optimization as well as organization, Furniture Pricing and Calculation, in addition to organizing different business trips for young designers in Germany and Cairo and many companies have benefit from all these initiatives.

Design Management Courses (DMC)

The objective of this Design and Business Management Program is to develop an advanced level of competencies for young designers and entrepreneurs and upgrade the structure and skills of the existing Companies’ employees within the design and manufacturing fields.

The courses are held in Cairo with professional instructors from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) – Milan selected for their experience and expertise in the field. Upon successful completion of the course requirements each attendee will receive a certificate from IED testifying to this effect.

 The program is composed from 6 courses which are:

A.    Product Management

B.    Design Management

C.    Basic Furniture Design

D.    Model Making Basics

E.    Basic Graphic

F.    Basic Communication Strategy 

Design + industry workshop 2

After the great success of the first Egyptian design + Industry workshop in 2008/2009; The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) in collaboration with Rhimal Design and international experts from the Istituto Europeo di Design Centro Ricerche (CRIED) supported by the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) organized a second workshop that started early in 2010

Led by selected international designers, young Egyptian designers worked through the design development experience to produce innovative and inspired designs that presents Egyptian identity to a contemporary market. The resulting prototypes were presented under the “Kyme” brand in +20 Egypt Design

Design + industry workshop 1

With the strong belief in the vital role of Design, its role in industry and the impact it has on the international exposure, the Egyptian Furniture Export Council organized the first International Design + Industry Workshop that took place in December 2008. Devoted to achieve its mission; EFEC partnered-up with Rhimal Design in Cairo and IED centro recerche in Milan for this event funded by IMC.

This Workshop was led by a group of eight renowned international designers from Japan, USA, Europe and Egypt. They worked with a selected group of twenty young Egyptian designers together with twenty Egyptian furniture manufacturers. Their objective was to develop product ideas that have their roots in the Egypt Story, are global in their language and marketability, and are manufactured by Egyptian manufacturers. The outcomes of the Workshop were exhibited at the "Salone Internazionale Del Mobile" - Milan in 22-27 April 2009 and later at Furnex International Furniture and Home Furnishings trade Fair in Cairo 4-8 June 2009.

Concurrent to this Design Workshop there was another group of designers working on a Communications Workshop to brand and package the developed ideas for international exhibitions.

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