The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) was established by a Ministerial decree as an independent body to support the Furniture Sector.www.theappconcept.com

مؤتمر سوق المصدرين

شارك المجلس التتصديرى للأثاث بمؤتمر "سوق المصدرين" و الذى تم تنظيمه من خلال مشروع تيسير التجارة الممول من الوكالة الأمريكية للتنمية بمصر بهدف التعرف على كل موارد التصدير المتاحة للمصدرين و ذلك خلال يومى 30 مارس بالقاهرة و 1 إبريل بالإسكندرية 

مؤتمر دعم صناعة الأثاث بدمياط

قام المجلس التصديرى للأثاث بعقد مؤتمر " دعم صناعة الأثاث" بمحافظة دمياط بالتعاون مع غرفة صناعة منتجات الأخشاب و الأثاث و الغرفة الألمانية العربية للصناعه و التجارة و أكاديمية الأثاث بألمانيا و وزارة الخارجية الألمانية يوم 31 مارس 2015 لختام مشروع تأهيل العمالة المصرية بقطاع الأثاث الممول من وزارة الخارجية الألمانية بهدف رفع كفاءة العمالة الفنية و شباب المصممين بالتعاون مع ألمانيا



Mebel Russia

Mebel Moscow exhibition is one of the largest furniture exhibitions in Russia and Eastern Europe, it is supported by the Ministry of Industry and energy in Russia and the Russian Federation of manufacturers and timber exporters, the first Egyptian participation at the exhibition was in 2009. www.meb-expo.ru



Equiphotel is an international fair held in Paris, specialized in furnishing restaurants, hotels and cafes, it is held every two year. Egypt started participates in 2006. www.equiphotel.com  


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Furnex is one of the exhibitions that has a great influence on the Egyptian furniture sector development. Whether on the local level or on exports, as it is considered a meeting point for both local and overseas buyers together with the biggest Egyptian furniture manufacturers.

Furnex 2015 is considered a result of 10 years of continuous success and also a result of  8 successful rounds of 3970 international visitors from different countries around the globe, in addition  to more than 225 exhibitors and more than 580 factory visits during the days of the exhibition  and 50000 local visitors (according to 2012).The exhibition is held at Cairo International Convention Center (CICC) with an area of approximately 25,000 sqm divided into 5 halls and it is organized by EFEC in cooperation with different entities.

For more information about Furnex please visit www.furnexegypt.com and for more information about the foreign buyers program please contact IVP@furnexegypt.com  

Salone Internazionale del Mobile 


The Salone Internazionale Del Mobile - Milan, Italy  is considered one of the most important international exhibitions specializing in Home Furniture held yearly in April.  EFEC participates yearly since 2000.  www.salonemilano.it



The Furniture Show

EFEC in cooperation with the management of City Stars shopping mall in organizing the event of The Furniture Show gathering a tremendous number of unique furniture manufacturers during the period from March 6 to April 19, 2014 with total duration of 45 consecutive days with aim to attract local and regional visitors.

In order to continue success of EFEC  in terms of linking industry with design capabilities in Egypt, final competition of Design+ Industry 2 which was held in June 2013, EFEC has presented the results of this competition during the event of Furniture Show at the Design Hub.

Nevertheless, the winning designs that were ranked in the first position shall showcase their prototypes during the month of April at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy specifically at Salone Satellite which is focusing on the designs of young designers from different countries.

Design Competition 2

EFEC has continued its success in linking between all industrial and design capabilities, a second round of the Design + Industry competition was launched in 2013 with the aim  to attract the creativity that the young Egyptian designers have. The purpose of such initiative was to compete on having the opportunity to manufacture their designs through Egyptian manufacturing companies then showcasing these products in international exhibitions.  The winning designs were presented at the Design Hub of the event of The Furniture Show that was held at City Stars shopping mall and the winners received winning awards in addition the winning designs were showcased at Salone Satellite which is part of the international exhibition of Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milan, Italy.

D+I competition 1

Design + Industry competition "D+I" is an EFEC initiative that aims to continue the design + industry concept that EFEC always sponsored through the past few years. The competition started June 2012. 

All designers below the age of 35 were invited to participate with their product ideas which address the functional needs of people at home or work and the objective was to connect these ideas and their creators with those who are in the business of manufacturing and selling products so as to emerge with a mutually beneficial formula that will also impact the broader market.

The project presented a collateral exhibition to Furnex 2012 and it featured product design ideas by these young designers, in cooperation with the Egyptian manufacturers, with the objective of promoting young creative energies and turns their ideas to potential future products for the market. 

+20 Egypt Design

Coinciding with Furnex 2010, EFEC launched “+20 Egypt Design” project within the amazing frame of Elmuiz Street Houses.

Offered to the citizens and visitors “THE FIRST CITY-SYSTEM EVENT FOR DESIGN” with five complementary essences:

Exhibition, Services, Culture, Entertainment, Collateral events.

The event witnessed the participation of Local exhibitors, international brands & collaboration with  local universities.

The event aims to highlight the “Egyptian way to design” and integrating the design methodology within the industry development. www.20egyptdesign.net


Design+Industry workshop 2

The project aims to help integrate design into the furniture manufacturers internal processes through a process that starts from developing a design brief to developing a design concept for an appropriate product, and prototyping this design into a manufacturable end product.

The process brings together international designers with manufacturers, young local designers and design students.

Zaha Hadid event

EFEC organized an open Forum conducted by Architect ZAHA HADID on “Design with an eye on the future”. The seminar was held on May 28, 2009 in Cairo.

Design+Industry workshop 1

EFEC collaborated with Rhimal design and the European institute of design (IED) - Milan to organize the first international Design + Industry workshop (D+I) in Egypt. It was led by a group of 8 renowned international designers from Japan, USA, Europe and Egypt. They worked with a selected group of forty young Egyptian designers together with twenty Egyptian manufacturers.

 The workshop consisted of four consecutive phases starting with brainstorming and conceptual design and ending with the production of prototypes by the participating companies. The objective was to develop product ideas that have their roots in the Egypt story and are global in their marketability, yet manufactured by Egyptian companies. The outcomes were exhibited in international exhibitions under the brand name of KYME.  

Timeless Stories

In 2008 EFEC collaborated with Alchemy's designers Karim Mekhtigian and Mohamed Fares in another project "Timeless Stories" with an attempt to capture the multi-dimensional lifestyle of Egypt. The output of this project was exhibited in the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2008 in Milan – Italy.

The platform

In 2007 the design emphasis was taken to another level through several projects with international designers like Christophe pillet and Karim Rashid who worked side by side with the local Egyptian manufacturers. The output was exhibited in Furnex 2007  at the event "The platform" 

The Core

Featured in Egypt's international furniture fair Furnex 2006, highlighting the diversity of local manufacturers as they begin their collaboration with local designers.

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