The Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) was established by a Ministerial decree as an independent body to support the Furniture Sector.www.theappconcept.com

How to become member at EFEC

In order to receive the EFEC package of services you must be a member in EFEC for the current year. Once a company decides to join the EFEC, it can apply for membership through filling the membership request form and the manufacturer questionnaire and send them to EFEC by email or on a CD handed at the EFEC premises. Also you will be required to bring official documents along with the subscription fees. For more info please contact the EFEC office

E-mailinfo@efec.org.eg; membership@efec.org.eg

Telephone: 002-02-25285036/ 002-02-25285037

Fax: 002-02-25285036/ 002-02-25285037   Ext. 115

Address: 90 B Road 105 (Third Floor), Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

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